2007 to 2021 Tundra Crewmax Phoenix Gold Complete Package FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 States this month!!!!!

This is a complete audio package for a 2007 to 2021 Toyota Crewmax  . If you pick the options for your truck below you will not have to cut one wire in your tundra at all to install this system .  Phoenix Gold was founded in 1988 . Back in the early to mid 90s they were a brand that struck fear in the owners of other brands in the Car Audio Competition Lines. They had some of the most innovative amps and speakers around . Today they are still making quality products that do not break the bank. This package is the best package you will find for the money to make your Tundra  audio system sound as good as your Tundra looks. Here is what the package consist of  

1 Tech12volts custom ported or sealed subwoofer enclosure built of 5/8 HDf and fiberglass resinded internally for strength . Much stronger and sealed better than ¾ MDf . Our enclosure are cut out by an industrial CNC router and put together by hand . And then covered in matching carpet.  

1 Pair of RX65CS 6.5 Components with mounting brackets and harnesses for the front doors.

1 Pair of RX65CS 6.5 Components with mounting brackets and harnesses for the rear doors.

2 RX2 10 inch subwoofers singe 4 ohms

1 Rx 2 750.5 5 channel amplifier

1 Scosche 4 gauge copper amp wiring kit

1 amp rack

All hardware including every single screw, wire , and bolt to install this system . We also email you very detailed instructions for install and all settings for amp. You will also have my number to call or text if you get stumped while installing . The only day we do not offer support is Sundays.  

If you have a 07  to 21 Non jbl and want to install this with no cutting wires at the factory amp and you plan to keep the factory head unit you will want to purchase option 1 Entune harness and 4 channel loc with Rca. Please put the year of your truck in the drop down box ( for 07 to 13 we send a harness that plugs in behind the factory radio with all speaker wires and 4 channel loc so that you cut no wires and you can easily run the wires from the back of the head unit to under front seat)

If you have a 07 to 21 NON jbl and want Sail panels for your front component tweeters [please choose opton 2 . These are Toyota factory sail panel just like the ones in the trucks with the jbl system   In the drop down box add the year of your Tundra

If you have a 2012 to 2019 JBL system and plan to use the factory head unit you will need option 3 which is an axxess dsp , rcas , rear jbl tweeter harness and JBL amp bypass harness  . This will allow you to keep the factory jbl head unit and not cut any wires   .  Please add your year in the drop down box  We are working on an option for 20 and 21 JBL Tundras currently and will update the listing once we have them working with the 20 and 21.




 RMS Power Ratings listed at less than 1% THD @ 14.4v 

Number of Channels: 5
  4Ω: CH 1 - 4 60W x 4 
  2Ω: CH 1 - 4 90W x 4 
  4Ω: CH 5 250W x 1 
  2Ω: CH 5 400W x 1
  3CH Mode: 1+2 4Ω Bridged & 3+4 4Ω Bridged + CH 5 4Ω 180W x 2 + 250W x 1
  3CH Mode: 1+2 4Ω Bridged & 3+4 4Ω Bridged + CH 5 2Ω 180W x 2 + 400W x 1 
Total RMS Power (Sum of rated power): 760W
Bridgeable: Yes
Crossover Mode: FULL/HP/LP
  CH 1 - 4 50Hz - 200Hz @ 12dB / Oct Linkwitz Riley
  CH 5 50Hz - 200Hz @ 12dB / Oct Linkwitz Riley
  Subsonic 10Hz – 40Hz 
Input Channels: 2CH F, 4CH F/R or 6CH F/R/S
Input Mode: Unbalanced  
Input Sensitivity: .2v - 6v Unbalanced RCA Low-Level
Processing: Bass Boost 0dB +6dB +12dB @45hz
Signal to Noise (@ CEA Standard): >80dB
Frequency Response: Full Range CH 1 - 4 10Hz - 40kHz 
  CH 5      15Hz - 200Hz
Topology Class: D
Heatsink Type: Extruded Aluminum
Cooling Type: Radiation 
Operating Voltage: 8V to 16V
Switchable Auto-Turn On: No
Power Supply Type: Unregulated 
Power Terminals: 4 Gauge 
Speaker Terminal: 10 Gauge
On-Board Fusing: 3 x 35A ATC
Recommended Inline Fuse: 80A
Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.81” x 8.11” x 1.98” - 300mm x 206mm x 50.5mm



  • 19mm Mylar Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Triple Laminated, Ultra Stiff and Light Cone
  • Integrated Phase Plug
  • Anti-Resonant Steel Basket
  • UV Treated Foam Surround
  • High Temperature CAE/CAD Motor Structure
  • 24dB External Audiophile Crossover



 T/S Parameter

RX2 10S

 Re (Dcr)


 FS (Hz)


 Sd (SqM)










 Vas (cu M)


 Cms (uM/N)


 Mms (gms)




 Impedance (ohms)




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