2014-UP Toyota Tundra CM Subwoofer Package (Amp optional)

Need some more bass in your new Tundra? Well here is your solution. This is a subwoofer package with proven audio components to make your Tundra audio system sound as good as your Tundra looks!

Starting with the highest grade MDF, the sub box is designed and sized to accommodate your subwoofers.  The inside is then sealed and coated with fiberglass resin for additional strength.  The exterior will be wrapped with carpet (NOT trunk liner) to match your vehicle's factory carpet as closely as possible.  Please select the carpet color and cab style when ordering.  The front of the box, visible if looking behind the seat, will have TUNDRA or the Toyota logo (or any 9-letter logo or symbol of your choice) inlaid under the carpet.

This package includes: 

  • 1 Custom-built sub enclosure ported 
  • 2 Image Dynamics 12 inch subwoofers 

Image Dynamics ID-12v.4 Specifications: 

  • Speaker Size = 12" D4
  • Nominal Impedance = 7.2 ohm
  • Rated RMS power handling = 450W
  • Sensitivity = 88.6 dB
  • Fs = 20.9 Hz
  • Qes = 0.397
  • Qms = 4.172
  • Qts  = 0.363
  • Xmax = 17 mm
  • Mms = 545 g
  • Vas = 168.0 L
  • Cutout Diameter = 11"
  • Mounting Depth = 5.67"
  • Displacement (sealed) = 1.25ft3
  • Displacement (ported) = 2.00ft3

We have done more audio upgrades in Tundras than anyone else. So for you DIY guys if you get into any trouble along the way with your installation, you will have our tech's number to help you anytime, day or night.

Need an amp to power this system? We recommend the Zapco ST850XM-II 850W amplifier. Just click on the option below to add it to your system.

A build sheet for vehicle specifics will be sent upon receipt of payment.

2014-UP Toyota Tundra CM Subwoofer Package (Amp optional)
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