Soundskin Sound Deadening

Sound Design

Soundskin is designed to drastically improve the sound quality of your speakers by ensuring maximum performance. Our custom designed layering gives the best results, easy installation & a clean finish for that ultimate satisfaction.

Noise Absorption

An acoustic foam layer on top of the standard butyl & foil design sets SoundSkins apart and gives the added noise reduction modern vehicles often need. It eliminates annoying outside road noise for listening pleasure.

100% Waterproof

Large single piece application makes installation simple. Our 100% waterproof design means SoundSkins will never hold or absorb water. This ensures the factory protective seals can be duplicated & your vehicle's electronics protected.

The kits come in different sizes/amounts for different jobs:

  • Door Kit:              11 sq ft                 1x Tube
  • Bulk Kit:               33 sq ft                3x Tube
  • MEGA Kit:             44 sq ft                4x Tube


        FEATURE                                       ADVANTAGE

Denser Acoustic Foam Layer          Improves Sound, Less Noise

Commercial Adhesive                    Better Application & No Delamination

Large Single Piece Design              Cleaner Neater Installations

Waterproof                                   Retain Factory Seals No Car Damage

Stylish Packaging                          Easier Sell, Looks Great

Thinner Foam                               Better Panel Fitment

100% Quality Guarantee                Point of Difference Over Competition



Per Roll Weight:                  6 lb

Thickness:                           0.177”

Material:                             0.059” Butyl & 0.118” Smooth Acoustic Foam

Adhesive:                            High Level

Size:                                   20” x 79” sheet

Coverage:                           11 sq ft


If you are having difficulty calculating the amount of Soundskin sound deadener that you may need for your project, please email us and we can help you get the exact amount you will need.

Soundskin Sound Deadening
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