Zapco Z-400.2LX

The LX amplifiers have been beefed up and regulated the power supply, and doubled its efficiency, then redesigned the board and stripped it down to eliminate everything not related to sound quality. Then we upgraded the internal components to audiophile parts that you won’t even find in most high-end home gear. The result is openness, detail, depth of stage, and tonal accuracy unheard of in car audio amplifiers.  These amps will set the sound quality standards for years to come. 


Zapco Z-400.2LX Amplifier Specs: 

  • 2 Channel H-E SQ Full range class A/B
  • 2/1 channel bridgeable 12V amplifier
  • Stable into 4 ohms bridged or 2 ohms stereo load
  • PWM MOSFET power supply
  • Variable Input Sensitivity
  • RCA Signal input and output connectors
  • 4-way protection circuitry
  • Thermal / over current / speaker short / DC
  • Tested voltage & THD: 14.4V & less than 0.05% at rated power
  • Operating voltage: DC10V~15.5V power input
  • Wired remote control (optional)
  • Dimensions in Inches: 7.5” (W) x 2.46” (H) x 20.31” (L)
Zapco Z-400.2LX
  • Item #: Z400.2LX
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