Zapco ST-5X

The ST-X amplifiers are the smaller lighter amps you need for today’s smaller lighter cars. With the ST-X amps you get all the power and sound quality you expect from Zapco. The Studio-X compact chassis makes it an easy fit in any car and even in motorcycle fairings (ST-2X). The Class A/B Zapco amplifiers for mids and highs have the same high quality components that made the C2K and Reference series amps the industry standard for sound quality. For the bass, the ST-X mono Class D amps come in 5 power levels so the ST-X bass amps are the right choice for the right power at the right price, for your system, in your car.


Features and Functions: 

  • 5-Channel, Full Range, Class A/B
  • Variable input gain control
  • Variable electronic crossover
  • Auto-on with Speaker level inputs
  • Compact chassis
  • Variable bass boost control
  • Dash-mount remote gain control


Zapco ST-5X Amplifier Specs: 

  • Power @ 4 OHMS: 4 x 80 watts Plus 1 x 350 watts
  • THD @ Rated Power < 0.5%THD
  • Power @ 2 OHMS: 4 x 120 watts Plus 1 x 350 watta @ 4Ω
  • Power Bridged @ 4 OHMS: 2 x 240 watts RMS Plus 1 x 350 watts
  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 90dB
  • THD + Noise < 0.5%
  • Channel Separation >60dB
  • Frequency Response 15Hz to 30KHz ±1dB
  • Input Sensitivity .25v to 5v
  • Dimensions in mm/in: 160/6.3(W) x 52/.05(H) x 392/15.43(L)
Zapco ST-5X
  • Item #: ST-5X
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