07-10 NONGKEY Toyota Tundra Remote Start NOT PLUG N PLAY GB



This remote start is an add on to your factory keyless entry for all Toyota Tundras from 2007 through 2010 non g key  models. All installation instructions are included and the unit will be pre-programmed to work with your vehicle. You just need to lock the doors 3 times from the factory remote and the vehicle will start. Then unlock your door with the remote. Get in the vehicle and put your key in the ignition and turn it to the run position.Hit the brake and you are on truck power . Installation is very easy and takes about 1 hour. I will also send my number in case you get stuck on something. There is a total of either 7 or 9 wires that have to be connected depending on the year of your truck.


option 1  Please add YES or NO for alarm option. The alarm option works just like the factory alarm. It honks the horn if any door is opened.   if your truck has the factory alarm option put NO. to test for alarm . Roll down drivers  window. Lock truck with Key Fob. Wait 5 minutes . reach inside and open door. If horn honks you have alarm . if no horn honk you do not have alarm.  If you want the alarm feature to be put on The module PUT YES IN THE RESPONSE BOX 


options 2 You can also add 2 way remotes for 139 dollars just choose that option when checking out rf kit consist of the following 


Fortin - RF442W - 2-Way LED Confirming RF Remote Kit With Up 3500 Feet Range

Option 3  MyCAR phone app module  159.00  OR    WIth the mycar version GPS locating is standard as well. No GPS location with dei smartstart .


With the my car you can have both 2 way remotes and my car if you want .  The first year of service is included with the mycar module. After the first year its 99 dollars for 3 years of service .     





    • Start or Stop your vehicle's engine from anywhere in the world
    • Door, Trunk or Hatch easy Access
    • Control your vehicle accessories
    • Ultra-Fast communication
    • Protect your app with a Pin for added security
    • Manage multiple cars in the same acount
    • Manage up to 4 different users on the same vehicle
    • Realtime action processes
    • True Engine Runtime status
    • True Realtime Doorlock Status
    • Remote Starter Trouble code notifications
    • Theft Alarm Notifications for break-ins
    • Battery level indicator
    • Telematics signal strenght
    • Select your vehicle image to display
    • Add a maximum of 4 different Auxiliaries
    • All Auxiliaries are fully configurable
      • Locate current position of My Car using the internal GPS
  • /mycarcontrols.com/


 If you would like to cover your module with a lifetime warranty check the option and put your phone number in the box  . it is a no questions asked warranty . We will require you send the bad module back first or put a refundable depsoit down if we ship the replacement first .

07-10 NONGKEY Toyota Tundra Remote Start NOT PLUG N PLAY GB
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