Sound Quest SQ600XS-600 Watt Kit 8-gauge

When you're first installing your brand new amp it's a real hassle if you forget to buy a fuse holder or a set of RCA's. This kit will eliminate that problem. These Sound Quest amp kits will include all the accessories you will need to do a complete install. With twisted pair RCAs in each kit and some of the highest quality wire around you can be sure your amp will deliver its max potential.


The SQ1200XS-600 WATT KIT includes: 

  • 17ft Translucent Blue power wire
  • 3ft Translucent Silver ground wire
  • 17ft Translucent Blue Twisted Pair RCA interconnects
  • 3ft Black Flex loom tubing
  • 16ft blue remote turn-on wire
  • 20ft Translucent Speaker Cable
  • 1pc AGU Fuseholder, with 150A fuse
  • 2 pcs Satin Ring Terminals
  • 2 pcs Satin Spade Terminals
  • 10 pcs 4in. Black Cable Ties
  • 2 pcs Splice Connectors
Sound Quest SQ600XS-600 Watt Kit 8-gauge
  • Item #: 8gauge wire kit
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