This is a custom-built enclosure for a 2007-2020 Toyota Tundra Crewmax pickup made to house (2) Sundown SD-3 subwoofers.

Starting with the highest grade HDF, the box is designed and sized to accommodate your subwoofers.  The inside is then sealed and coated with fiberglass resin for additional strength.  The exterior will be wrapped with vinyl in the color of your choice.  An option is carpet (NOT trunk liner) to match your vehicle's factory carpet as closely as possible.  Please select the carpet color when ordering.  The front of the box, visible if looking under the seat, will have TUNDRA or the Toyota logo (or any 9-letter logo or symbol of your choice) inlaid under the vinyl/carpet.

This package consists of:

  • (1) Custom built Tundra Crewmax ported enclosure
  • (2) Sundown SD-3 Series 10" subwoofers


Sundown SD-3 Subwoofer specs: 

  • Speaker Size = 10" D2/D4
  • Nominal Impedance = 3.72/7.0 ohm
  • Rated RMS power handling = 500 W
  • Sensitivity = 82.9/83.1 dB
  • Fs = 25.7/25.5 Hz
  • Qes = 0.49/0.50
  • Qms = 3.12/3.53
  • Qts  = 0.42/0.43
  • Cms = 230/260 uM/N
  • Mms = 165/152 g
  • BL = 14.28/18.57 NA
  • Vas = 35.5/39.3

A build sheet for vehicle specifics will be sent upon receipt of payment.


optional sundown  sae 1000 amplifier specs 


The new Sundown SAE series is the result of over 3-years of testing to produce an extremely high quality budget amplifier line for Sundown Audio. We began testing the boards in 2011 and finally released them in 2014 once we were fully satisfied with their performance and long-term reliability. They have consistently generated happy customers ever since. If you are looking to get into a Sundown Audio amplifier and don’t need a ton of power then this is the line for you.


The SAE line is built into a very similar heat-sink as our SCV and SAX model amplifiers so they can be used in the same install and remain cosmetically consistent.


  • RMS at 1 ohm : 1000-watts
  • RMS at 2 ohms : 500-watts
  • RMS at 4 ohms : 250-watts
  • LPF : 30-250 Hz
  • Subsonic : 10-50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 8.50” x 2.30” x 13.1

comes with free scosche ofc 4 gauge wire kit with amp and sub purchase  

  • Item #: 07-17 tundra ported
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