07-17 Toyota Tundra Add/On Remote Start/Alarm by Crimestopper

This remote start is an add on to your factory keyless entry for all Toyota Tundras from 2007 through 2017 models. All installation instructions are included and the unit will be pre-programmed to work with your vehicle. You just need to lock the doors 3 times from the factory remote and the vehicle will start. Then unlock your door with the remote. Get in the vehicle and put your key in the ignition and turn it to the run position.Hit the brake and you are on truck power . Installation is very easy and takes about 1 hour. I will also send my number in case you get stuck on something. There is a total of either 7 or 9 wires that have to be connected depending on the year of your truck.


option 1  Please add YES or NO for alarm option. The alarm option works just like the factory alarm. It honks the horn if any door is opened.   if your truck has the alarm option put NO. to test for alarm . Roll down drivers  window. Lock truck with Key Fob. Wait 5 minutes . reach inside and open door. If horn honks you have alarm . if no horn honk you do not have alarm. 


options 2 You can also add 2 way remotes for 60 dollars just choose that option when checking out rf kit consist of the following 60.00 


Fortin - RF442W - 2-Way LED Confirming RF Remote Kit With Up 3500 Feet Range

 Option 3  DEI DSM 300 Smartstart  159.00 

  • Start and control your vehicle from virtually anywhere with your smartphone
  • New! Verizon CDMA/3G technology provides superior nationwide coverage and faster response
  • New! Active GPS mode uses 30% less power
  • Module is plug-for-plug compatible with existing installations
  • Compatible with current versions of the Directed Smarts tart GPS app (3.X and up)


07-17 Toyota Tundra Add/On Remote Start/Alarm by Crimestopper
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