07-13 Toyota Tundra Crewmax I mage Dynam Audio Enclosure Package

This package consists of:

  • (1) custom built Tundra CREWMAX enclosure wrapped in black vinyl or carpet with Toyota logo.
  • (2) Image Dynamics CTX 10s


This package gives you tons of nice accurate bass ... You will be blown away by how this package sounds. Each enclosure is custom built to order from MDF and is fiberglass resined internally.

This enclosure fits behind the rear seat on the driver's side  Enclosure will be vinyl or carpeted with matching carpet or vinyl  as closely matched as we can and will have the Toyota logo or TRD logo inlaid under the carpet or vinyl . This box fits perfectly, sounds great and gets plenty loud.

A build sheet will be sent as soon as payment is received.you will loose a few clicks of your seat with this enclosure but full recline

 Subwoofer specs

Designed by Eric Stevens

* Tested by Matt Borgardt

* Electro Mechanical Parameters

Name= CTX 104

Note= Transducer Model Derivation

Model= TSL

Domain= FreeAir

Shape= Round

Profile= Cone

Fmd= 3.0000 KA

Qmd= 1.0000

Flp= 8.0000 KA

Qlp= 2.0000

Znom= 4.0000 Ohm

Revc= 3.9000 Ohm

Sd= 353.0000 cm²

Mmd= 132.7020 g

Pmax= 250.0000 W

Rtvc= 1.0000 °C/W

Xgap= 8.0000 mm

Xcoil= 38.1000E3 mm

Xmax= 16.00 mm

Krm= 33.4100E-3 KOhm

Erm= 831.0000E-3

Kxm= 96.7750 mH

Exm= 619.0000E-3

Rms= 5.4857 N·S/M

Mms= 136.5135 g

Cms= 342.0000 uM/N

Vas= 60.8688E-3 M³

Fo= 23.2927 Hz

Qms= 3.6420

Qes= 0.5470

Qts= 0.4756

BL= 11.9350 T·M

Levc= 3.4570E-3 H

SPLo= 83.3160 dB

No= 0.1348





07-13 Toyota Tundra Crewmax I mage Dynam Audio Enclosure Package
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